I wrote a book!

(but it’s not published…yet!)

Mistlyn is published in full on Wattpad.com and I’ve entered it into Wattys 2019 awards!

The only way thirteen-year-old Mistlyn can bring her dead village back to life is by going with a conniving Jinn to the world of the dead, the Realm of Mote.

The only survivors of their burned village, Mistlyn and her best friend, Sahria, are captured and held prisoner by the Lizsard People. Sahria is forced to be a court dancer, while Mistlyn has been forced to sit on two eggs that are said to contain the life force of the seven races of earth. But once the eggs hatch and another three days have passed, Mistlyn will no longer be needed by the Lizsard King.

Before anything further can happen to her, Mistlyn is convinced to leave with the Jinn who promises to help her escape and bring her family back to life – if she does a favor for him. But the Jinn isn’t the one Mistlyn has to worry about…

Check it out, like, comment, and share! ❤

4 thoughts on “I wrote a book!

  1. Adriana Lucas says:


    I am having issues checking out your site. I cannot find any information pertaining to your book. I hope you can offer me some help. Sorry to bother you.


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