Once More Upon a Time

A sweet novella about falling back in love when you forget why you fell in love in the first place.

Want green card, will marry

I love how the couple grows--of course, it's all cliche, he being a reserved, brooding man, and she a friendly, bubbly woman. But there's something about the two of them together that had me reading the book all day long. And of course, there's drama. And the drama really spiced things up a bit.

Updated BLM: Books to Learn from this Month (and beyond)

#blacklivesmatter and one of the best ways to respect and uphold that is to learn. Learn from books written by POC for non-POC. Read books on the black experience, on white privilege, on immigrant perspectives. Read. Read and learn all you can, of experiences different from your own. Here is a list of books written by POC, both fiction and nonfiction. I'll be going through these the rest of 2020. Also included are movies that highlight racism and POC.

Chemistry: A Novel

Chemistry is one of those books that come wrapped in a wry, quirky package, but underneath it all is a story deep and, oddly, poignant. A great read for anyone, not just doctoral students or women, but I think those groups will find it hits home a little harder.


Sadie wasn't the most original book, the mystery of the killer wasn't the most profound, and the characters are forgettable. Still, if you want a quicker, generic mystery, this is a good enough read.