Furloughed Reading List

I am officially unemployed - my company furloughed me for one week. During COVID-19, that means I'm stuck indoors, and to a bookworm, that's a perfect timing to go through the ever-growing TBR list!

Updated BLM: Books to Learn from this Month (and beyond)

#blacklivesmatter and one of the best ways to respect and uphold that is to learn. Learn from books written by POC for non-POC. Read books on the black experience, on white privilege, on immigrant perspectives. Read. Read and learn all you can, of experiences different from your own. Here is a list of books written by POC, both fiction and nonfiction. I'll be going through these the rest of 2020. Also included are movies that highlight racism and POC.

Snow Lands on Top

Suzanne Collins strikes again with the fourth installment of the Hunger Games series. This one follows Cornelius Snow before he's become President Snow, when he's just 18 years old. A perfect companion to the series, and frankly, I want more Snow books.

Her Royal Spyness: Cozy murder mystery

Her Royal Spyness is the first book in the Royal Spyness series. Georgie is 34th in line to the English throne, and penniless. Her half brother and his wife have "economized" and stopped her allowance, so Georgie goes to London to find a job.

There, she meets with the queen, who gives her a job: spy.