Book Review: The Bone Witch – Rin Chupeco

What I enjoyed a lot of the story is the main character, Tea, has powerful skills, so powerful she raises her dead brother from the grave without realizing it, and yet though people celebrate her, they also turn their backs on her.

Quartet in Autumn

Title: Quartet in AutumnAuthor: Barbara PymPublisher: Pan MacmillanPublication Date: 1977Genre: Fiction, British LiteratureRating: 3/5 stars Quartet in Autumn follows four coworkers in their 60s, near or at retirement: Marcia, Letty, Norman, and Edwin. They work at a nondescript office, doing work that doesn't seem important or perhaps, even necessary. Marcia and Letty have retired and … Continue reading Quartet in Autumn

Breathe In, Cash Out

I was a little jealous of Allegra's chance to make as much money as she does right out of school, while living in NYC, and "living the dream." But like anything, once you take a look under the surface, things are anything but a dream.

Writing Wild: Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature

Writing Wild Writing Wild is a book not in line with how I view the world, namely the spiritual undertones. The author is too David Avocado Wolfe for me, with her messages of balancing ions in the body, energies, chakras, etc. A snake crossing your path has meaning only because you’ve given it meaning; not … Continue reading Writing Wild: Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature