Coming-of-age Spy Story: Who is Vera Kelly?

The book is more character study than anything else, and though I don't always enjoys those sorts of books, I did this one. READ IF YOU… Enjoy character-driven booksLike South American settingsEnjoy coming-of-age storiesAre in the mood for a spy story, with more story than spy Title: Who is Vera Kelly? | Author: Rosalie Knecht | Rating: 3/5 New York City, … Continue reading Coming-of-age Spy Story: Who is Vera Kelly?

Want green card, will marry

I love how the couple grows--of course, it's all cliche, he being a reserved, brooding man, and she a friendly, bubbly woman. But there's something about the two of them together that had me reading the book all day long. And of course, there's drama. And the drama really spiced things up a bit.