Books to understand Palestine

A reading list built on understanding what exactly is going on between Palestine and Israel - without the Pro-Zionist media getting in the way.

Middle Eastern Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are an intriguing way to showcase flavor, culture, history, and humanity. They're typically more digestible in one sitting than novels, and can have alluring artwork that features not just an artist's style, but the culture they represent. Here are some graphic novels that feature Arab culture and created by Arab-x authors and/or illustrators.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Syrian war

500,000 killed. 1.6 million internally displaced. Millions starving, cold, poverty- and war-stricken. The Syrian-American Council and Americans for a Free Syria are pushing for the end to the war. I don't know how the US can provide stability to the region, or if US intervention will lead to another Iraqi situation, where there is barely … Continue reading Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Syrian war