bury me into diamonds

a friend of mine wrote a book that, well, you have to read it for yourself. i read it in one sitting and enjoyed many of the stories and wanted more.

a book of healing and trauma. 

the stories contained are explorations of pain, trauma, and the inevitable healing that must follow to survive them. 

if you read the stories just as stories, they’re written with beautiful imagery. if you read them searching for the truth within, you’ll find more than you thought you would. 

a collection of stories built like a tasting menu, where you get flavors of trauma and human experience. 

for a book that weaves in the imagery of breathing (or not), the stories do take your breath away. 

title: bury me into diamonds
author: kaitlyn luckow
you can find it here

if you like poetry, you can find her collection of poems called of bricks and breath, which you can find here.


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