I asked ChatGPT to write a blog post of obscure Christmas Gothic novels…

…and it did rather well.

ChatGPT wrote:

Here are five more gothic books that you might not have heard of, but are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit:

  1. “The Christ Child” by Madeleine L’Engle: This novel follows a young girl named Eustacia as she is sent to stay with her eccentric aunt on Christmas Eve. As she begins to experience strange and terrifying visions, she must confront the dark forces that are threatening to destroy her aunt’s home.
  2. “The Christmas Witch” by Elizabeth Gaskell: This short story follows a young boy named Tom as he is visited by a witch on Christmas Eve. The witch offers to grant him one wish, but Tom must be careful what he wishes for, as the consequences may be more than he bargained for.
  3. “In a Glass Darkly” by Sheridan Le Fanu: This collection of gothic stories includes the famous vampire tale “Carmilla,” as well as the Christmas-themed story “The Dream.” In the latter, a man has a nightmare on Christmas Eve in which he is visited by the ghosts of his dead family members.
  4. “The Christ-Child” by Katherine Tynan: This short story follows a young woman who is visited by the ghost of the Christ Child on Christmas Eve. As she listens to the Child’s story, she learns about the true meaning of the holiday season.
  5. “The Other Wise Man” by Henry Van Dyke: This novella tells the story of a fourth wise man, Artaban, who sets out to find the Christ Child on the night of his birth. As he travels, he encounters many obstacles and dangers, but ultimately finds the true meaning of Christmas.

However…when I asked it to tell me more, it gave me this error:

So it seems like the AI has copyright violations embedded into its functionality, to which I applaud the creators.

I will say, I don’t know how to attribute the blog post, written by an AI, to the AI. So I’m going to go with a basic MLA citation.


ChatGPT. “Obscure Christmas Gothic Books.” https://chat.openai.com/chat, 12 Dec. 2022, chat.openai.com/chat. Accessed 12 Dec. 2022.


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