Sharp-as-claws Author and Writing YouTube channels to follow

Once I started sending out queries to lit agents, and even after I signed with one, I’ve been following a number of YouTube channels that I’ve found invaluable.

These channels are done by those in the publishing industry, including authors and editors. They gift their wisdom and knowledge and I’ve found more than one video to be helpful in navigating the publishing world.

  1. Alexa Donne
    Super smart (with great books under her belt, including one I just read, The Ivies, that was fantastic). According to her About page:

    “I am a traditionally published YA author here on YouTube to offer insight into writing, YA & the publishing industry…This channel has craft advice, publishing Real Talk, drafting and editing vlogs, interviews with authors, book reviews & more.”

  2. Alyssa Matesic
    She’s an editor with a number of years experience. According to her About page:

    “I’m a freelance book editor with 6+ years of book publishing and editorial experience. Throughout my career, I’ve held editorial roles across both sides of the publishing industry: Big Five publishing houses and literary agencies. This goal of this channel is to help writers throughout the book writing journey—whether you’re working on your manuscript or you’re looking for publishing advice.”

  3. Reedsy
    Fantastic page, and they often do first line critiques on live sessions. I’ve sat in more than one of these sessions and found them useful. According to their About page:

    “We produce weekly video interviews with bestselling independent or hybrid authors and discuss their book marketing strategies to reach readers, engage and retain them. We also offer writing, editing, and book promotion tips. And sometimes, we even talk about the future of the book publishing industry! Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals: from developmental editors to book cover designers, publicists and translators.”

  4. iWriterly
    Very helpful videos that run a range of topics. According to their About page:

    “iWriterly is a book publishing resource for genre fiction with how-to videos on traditional publishing and self-publishing. • Specialties: Genre fiction, specifically adult science fiction, fantasy, and romance. • We do NOT specialize in short stories, poetry, nonfiction, literary fiction, screenwriting, age categories younger than YA, comic books, or graphic novels. • All information is geared toward the publishing industry in the United States. iWriterly is also a co-host of the Publishable YouTube show.”

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