The “Wood” Wide Web – Hidden Life of Trees

An absolute delight to read, it will make even the most lukewarm naturists fall in love with the beauty and intelligence of trees.


  • Enjoy reading about the wonders of nature
  • Like nature nonfiction
  • Want a perky, fun science read

TitleThe Hidden Life of Trees | Author: Peter Wohlleben | Rating: 5/5

I loved it. I was expecting a commentary about the inner workings of trees. Instead, I got a story of how trees live, think, breathe, communicate, and grow. And it was delicious.

Wohlleben writes with the adoration of an enthusiast, but with the intelligence and storytelling of a master. The book read not so much like a work of dry science, but a tale of what most of us give only a moment’s thought to: trees.

Wohlleben coined the term “wood wide web” to describe the connections of roots trees use to communicate with each other. I learned so much from this book about trees, life, and even about humans. I couldn’t get enough and looked forward to settling down in the evening with this book. I ordered the two other books Wohlleben wrote in this nature trilogy, and I expect nothing short of another masterpiece out of them.

Trees are fascinating. Not just what we can see with the naked eye aboveground, but everything going on underground. Wohlleben somehow made me even appreciate fungi for the first time in my life.

Even if you’re lukewarm about plants or the natural world, or even about reading nonfiction, give this book a try. You’ll likely feel the same wonder Wohlleben does, and that’s worth its salt.

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