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hello hello!!! so last year I wrote a blog post where I compiled a bunch of 2021 translated fiction releases, and you guys seemed to really like it, so I thought I would do a 2022 releases edition! I’m always looking for new translated fiction, especially because it can so easily go under the radar, and also because translated fiction is just REALLY GREAT.

anyway, in this post I have about 36 translated fiction releases that are coming out this year — and they come from so many different countries. there’s translated fiction from Japan, China, Germany, France, Belarus, Cuba, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Morocco, South Korea, India, Ukraine, Mexico, Egypt, Denmark, Oman, Lebanon, Austria, France, Iran, and Spain. so yeah, here’s the list, and I hope you find something here that catches your eye. 👀

PS: all release dates are North American, with a few exceptions, which I’ve noted…

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