Book Review: The Bone Witch – Rin Chupeco

I pre-ordered the sequel while still on chapter one, that’s how beautiful and descriptive the writing is. 

This was a new author for me, but since reading this book, I am sold on her skills. 

The Bone Witch‘s storyline is reminiscent of the roles geishas had, and even some of the power, yet prejudice they may have faced. But the fantasy woven into the story is what captured me. Between the necromancy, which I always fall for if well written, and the daeva, Dark ashas, and the human elements interwoven throughout, this book is easily 5 stars. 

The book definitely has a darker element to it, not just because of the necromancy and the raising and subsequent killing cycles of strange beasts, but for how the ashas are treated. They are both revered and reviled, and in some kingdoms, more reviled than anything. 

What I enjoyed a lot of the story is the main character, Tea, has powerful skills, so powerful she raises her dead brother from the grave without realizing it, and yet though people celebrate her, they also turn their backs on her. 

Tea tells her story to a bard she’s summoned in flashbacks through the novel. Both Teas are interesting, the younger Tea who is trained to become an asha, and the older Tea who’s exiled and angry, and wants to raise an army of daeva. 

As the story progresses, you learn of treason, both familial and otherwise, and how that could make or break a character.

Favorite quote from The Bone Witch:

“Better to die with our will in our blood than their fists around our hearts, child.”

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