Syrian Songs, Proverbs, and Stories, 1902

Book Rating : 5 stars

Syrian Songs, Proverbs, and Stories

I could almost hear my father or grandmother telling me these sorts of stories woven from oral tradition.

For anyone interested in keeping alive arab oral storytelling, or anyone interested in the olden tales, this one’s for you.

Syrian Songs, Proverbs, and Stories was a foray into the old tales told probably throughout generations that are now being lost as people move away from oral tradition. It’a shame this culture is being lost, but I’m so happy that some of it was written down for generations to enjoy.

The writings ranged from wedding songs for bride and groom, to short tales I could imagine being told by a tita to her grandchildren as she cooked them a hot meal over a simple stove.

I wish there were more of these books; I’d devour them like I did this.

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