How to publicize your book without spending money

Reading Between the Dunes

We none of us are rich. Some of us are the proverbial starving artists. We want to spend our time creating, and hopefully squeezinga little green out of our creation.

So how do you publicize your book(s) without spending any (or much) of that green in the first place?

  1. I’ve gone through a number of sites, collating ideas, just for you and me. Get reviewed by high profile book bloggers. You have to build up a relationship with them, through social media or otherwise, but if you can get a blogger or two to review your book, you’re doing well.
    To figure out how much traffic a given blog actually gets, type the blog address into the “site info” box on  Alexa.comIf the blog shows up as being top 100,00 then they’re popular. Top 50,000 or even 10,000 is obviously better. But shooting for 100,000 is a…

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