Her Pretty Face

What would you do if you find out your best – only – friend is a psychopath?


  • Want a twister thriller
  • Like suspense
  • Want a book about women killers

TitleHer Pretty Face | Author: Robyn HardingRating: 3/5

Her Pretty Face is a decent thriller that kept me reading, though the story itself isn’t that special. Frances is a pretty enough woman married to a very attractive man. She’s insecure about how relative attractiveness to her husband but knows he loves her.

Kate is a beautiful, tall, blond, chic woman who befriends Frances, shunning the other moms at Forrester academy, where Frances’ troubled son and Kate’s son both go. The two boys become friends, just as their mothers do.

But Frances starts noticing how Kate ignores her oldest child – beautiful Daisy who’s on the fast track to getting herself in trouble because of being ignored by her parents. When Daisy calls Frances to come pick her up from a strange man’s apartment, after he gave her alcohol (she’s underage) and had been stalking her, Frances knows something is wrong.

Then she starts piecing together the truth. But Kate is not innocent herself, and she has her own past to hide.

What ensues is a solid read about secrets, lies, and identities. I didn’t think the story itself was anything special in terms of the scenes, but overall it was a tight and engaging read.

I don’t think I had many deep emotions reading this – they were more shallow and I was more focused on the plot and what would happen next – which is typical for thrillers. Still, Her Pretty Face kept me wanting to know what happens next. I did end up figuring out the major secret midway, so I wasn’t surprised and felt a little deflated by the reveal, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The plot came together, all strings were tied, and the overall feel is a satisfactory thriller.

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