Book Giveaways beyond Goodreads

I’ve gotten two Goodreads giveaways out of the more than one hundred I must’ve entered. That’s less than a 1% success rate.

As a blogger, I want to provide new and relevant titles, along with my usual eclectic mix, and that includes getting ARCs from publishers.

One of the ways to do so is to enter giveaways. But a <1% success rate isn’t very useful.

Here are other ways to enter book giveaways and get a chance to read books that you may not have otherwise.

  1. Goodreads giveaways
    This one is worth mentioning because it’s so prevalent and there are so many titles to choose from, and you get to enter giveaways for both print and eBook formats. I love the variety of titles and how easy it is to enter a giveaway.
  2. NetGalley
    Useful for either print or eBook format, NetGalley lets you request copies and vote on book covers. I love the variety of books and the easy voting and requesting process.
  3. Book Riot
    If you sign up for their Book Riot newsletter, you’re given access to exclusive giveaways. Otherwise, you can go to their giveaways page and select the books you want. There are even some other giveaways, like subscriptions to book boxes or prize packs from publishers!
  4. First to Read
    You get upcoming book release in eBook format. This program is hosted by Penguin Random House and you can earn points by requesting copies and writing reviews.
  5. Bookish First
    This one requires a bit more work but also has a points system. You leave reviews based on book excerpts, and receive points for each review you leave. You can also earn points by leaving reviews on other book websites, and once you earn a certain amount of points you can choose a free book.

Let me know in the comments about other book giveaway programs, especially for print books!

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