Want green card, will marry: The Prenup, a novel

TitleThe Prenup  AuthorLauren Layne

  • Genre: Fiction, Chick-lit, Contemporary
  • Words to describe: Fun, cute, romance
  • Rating: 3/5 stars


  • Want a lighter, fun read
  • Are in the mood for an unusual book romance plot
  • Want cute and non-risque romance

I enjoyed this. Romance isn’t usually my thing, but this was a cute read. With an attractive Irishman wanting a green card, and a pretty 21-year-old wanting access to her trust fund, Colin and Charlotte marry when she was just 21.

They remained married for 10 years, until Colin decides he wants a divorce. He’s been living in NYC, and she’s been living in San Francisco.

But there’s a catch: in their prenup, it states they must live under the same roof for 3 months before they can file for divorce.

What ensues is an amusing roundup of a solid cast of characters, who are each trying to fight for what they want, but also want to love the other characters in their lives.

I can see something like this happening: a foreigner wants a green card, they marry, and then the pair have to figure out how to be a happy married couple.

I love how the couple grows–of course, it’s all cliche, he being a reserved, brooding man, and she a friendly, bubbly woman. But there’s something about the two of them together that had me reading the book all day long. And of course, there’s drama. And the drama really spiced things up a bit.

All in all, a decent read, and I’ll be checking out other books by this author.

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