Don’t be stale – be “cultured”

To be a good writer, you need “arts & culture.” Staying within the confines of what you know or are used to will make you a stale person, and, by default, a stale writer.

Being exposed to flavors and style will open your mind and creativity to so much out there, and honestly, will likely make you happier and feel more connected with people and yourself. There’s nothing like exploring and being exposed to another mind that makes you feel more full of life and richness.

You don’t have to travel far beyond your local community – start right outside your own doorstep!

Check out neighborhood theaters, wander an indie bookshop, visit local museums, go with a friend to a local music or jazz club.

If you don’t have those things where you live, reach out to local community leaders or organizations and work with them to build things. You may end up spearheading efforts to start your community’s first local theater!

If this isn’t possible, check out the next nearest community and plan out monthly outings. Invite friends, family, and anyone you think would be interested in going with you. Having others experience the same thing can give you new perspectives in interpreting what you’ve experienced.

If you find yourself drawn into something, explore it more! Maybe you’ll decide to take up acting classes after being moved during a play, or perhaps you’ll find yourself volunteering and meeting new people – and therefore, new stories.

If you live in the areas surrounding DC, you’re lucky to have many local and community groups available:

*Article image courtesy of inkyboy illustrations (piece named “cultured beast”)

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