Writing Wild: Forming a Creative Partnership with Nature

Writing Wild

Writing Wild is a book not in line with how I view the world, namely the spiritual undertones. The author is too David Avocado Wolfe for me, with her messages of balancing ions in the body, energies, chakras, etc. A snake crossing your path has meaning only because you’ve given it meaning; not because the universe is speaking to you…

However, once I push past all that material, she makes good points. Writers need empathy towards themselves and also need to be in touch with themselves and nature to fully realize their creativity. 

There are more scientific explanations for what she points out even if she goes on a more spiritual explanation for things. I found myself frustrated with how she seemed to both denounce science yet pull it in when she felt that it bolstered her material. I don’t think ruling out scientific explanations is necessary to be in touch with yourself and nature. There’s nothing spiritual about all that; it’s simple biology. 

Having pointed out those frustrations, the author did make me think about things a bit differently. She makes good points about going out in nature and replenishing your creativity or sitting back and taking time to be in the moment. 

All in all, even if her tone and worldview do not jive with yours, I’d recommend this book to be read with an open mind and glean some perspective on what it means to be an artist and a human. 

This book pushed me out of my comfort zone, and even though I rolled my eyes at a number of things she said, like chakras and energy balances, yin and yang, left brain right brain, etc. she was still worth reading. 

I give 3 stars for the good material, but not higher simply because she’s too spiritual for me. I want to give 4 stars because I did learn from her and maybe I’ll return one day and change the rating if I find myself adopting her lessons.

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