Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Syrian war

500,000 killed. 1.6 million internally displaced. Millions starving, cold, poverty- and war-stricken. The Syrian-American Council and Americans for a Free Syria are pushing for the end to the war. I don’t know how the US can provide stability to the region, or if US intervention will lead to another Iraqi situation, where there is barely a government to speak of, and people are just as badly off before Hussein’s toppling. Maybe a Syria free of Assad would be best, maybe it wouldn’t.

But, the organizations above are calling for a “remembrance to the ten years of hope, loss, and bravery that have characterized the Syrian Revolution.”

They also are reiterating guiding principles to a free and safe and stable Syria:

  • Political independence
    • Constitutional declaration
    • Fully-fledged transitional governing body based on the Geneva Communique 1 (2013) and on UN Security Council Resolution 2254
    • Foundational conference
    • Constitution
    • Elections 
  • Achieving Transitional Justice
  • Security Independence,
    • Removing all foreign powers and militias 
    • Rebuilding the foundations of military and security institutions 
    • Peacekeeping forces that respect human rights
    • A military under civilian authority 
  • Economic Independence,
    • Linking economic recovery measures to a real political transition 
      • Lifting international economic sanctions on Syria as soon as the transitional governing body is established. 
      • Releasing the frozen assets of the Syrian state around the world and assistance in returning looted Syrian assets deposited abroad and placing these assets under the management of a transitional national government.  
    • Tying reconstruction to the creation of the first national transitional government.  
  • and the voluntary, safe, and dignified return of refugees.

Read more here.

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