1920s Flapper girl ghost haunts great-niece – book review

TitleTwenties Girl  AuthorSophie Kinsella

  • Genre: Fiction, Chick-lit, Contemporary
  • Words to describe: Fun, witty, character-driven, mystery
  • Rating: 3/5 stars


  • Want a lighter, fun read
  • Are in the mood for a 1920s flapper ghost haunting
  • Want a light mystery

Nothing like a dead great-aunt to haunt you. This book was a fun, flirty read, with a haunting ghost who happens to be your dead great-aunt who wants nothing more than to dance with handsome (living) men and get her stolen necklace back.

This was a fun, quick read filled with relatable and witty characters. I loved the dynamic between sarcastic, funny, and witty dead great-aunty Sadie, and her great-niece Lara, who she haunts.

Lara works as a head hunter with a friend, but she’s not the most assertive. She’s just broken up with her significant other, and she’s feeling down. Sadie dies at age 105, but she’s missing her favorite necklace. She decides to haunt Lara until she finds her necklace and returns it to her corpse.

The story is amusing, and the writing is engaging. I loved seeing Lara grow, with Sadie’s ghost guiding and urging her to live her life and dance more.

Sadie is the perfect 1920 flapper – her ghost is, after all, her 23 year old self, not her 105 year old self, and she has the personality you would associate with a fun-loving, life-living 1920s flapper girl.

The mystery was fun and I guessed parts of it, but not the whole thing, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, 3 stars for the wonderful characters and the average, though enjoyable, plot.

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