The Emotional Wound Thesaurus

This book is phenomenal. Not only does it provide pages of different emotional wounds and their elements, but it gives you psychological feel to all of them. I noted a number of wounds that I was already building up in a character I’m writing about, but this book has helped me think more deeply about the emotional trauma and the behavioral impacts it has. 

Perfect reference guide, and will likely be one of my go-to books for every book I write, until I’ve memorized the pages by heart. 

I can’t recommend this book enough for writers, and even for anyone interested in understanding emotional trauma and behavior. It almost felt as if the authors had a therapist or psychologist working with them to develop the content. 

I preferred this book to the other thesauruses by these authors, and if you decide to read only one of their thesauruses, this is the one to read. 

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