31 Days of Spooky Reads: My Husband’s Lie – Family lies, villages ties, and an old unsolved crime

A disappointing thriller based on family lies, village ties, and an old unsolved crime.


  • Enjoy thrillers
  • Want a read set in an English village

TitleMy Husband’s Lie | Author: Emma Davies Rating: 2.5/5

Based on the title alone, My Husband’s Lie, I expected a twisted, even menacing husband, but found a man who was trying to protect his wife from hurt. The book didn’t deliver for me, as I kept expecting a darker, deeper secret to emerge, but found myself wanting more.

When Thea sees her old family home is up for sale – a beautiful old rectory in the small town where she and her childhood sweetheart, now husband, Drew, grew up – she knows she has to have it. Her parents moved her away suddenly when she was eleven, but her childhood there was filled with happy memories. Drew seems less sure, but Thea is certain it’s the perfect place to raise their two children.

Initially, the book paced well and I kept reading to find out the menacing secret everyone was hiding. Thea seemed to be unaware of things, but knew something was wrong, considering the rudeness and suspiciousness of the villagers around her.

Then, when Thea finds an old newspaper clipping, and then an old photograph of her husband when he was younger, the story starts piecing together for her. Expect, she doesn’t piece the entire story and she’s left in the dark about the old village crime.

Thea herself is an annoying, immature character who I found myself disliking as the story went on. She’s far too shallow in her emotionality, and I kept rolling my eyes at her reactions to things. Drew was also shallow, and frankly, every other character was, as well.

My Husband’s Lie seemed to promise a dark, twisted story, but ended up with a predictable, and boring, plotline. The quaint village should have kept me intrigued, as I enjoy those settings, especially when a good crime is involved, but because of the predictability of the plot, the setting fell flat.

The story could have been good if it went a different way, and if the crime was better developed.

There were also what I consider some red herrings, which were likely meant to drive the plot and also provide subplot, but which also fell flat for me.

Overall, My Husband’s Lie dragged on for me, and I found my attention drifting the last third of the book. I almost DNFed it a few times, but continued to see if a dark secret emerged that was deeper than what it seemed to be initially.

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