31 Days of Spooky Reads: A serial killer’s daughter – Find Me (Inland Empire #1)

A gripping tale of a serial killer’s daughter – who’s father used her as bait as he lured and murdered women.


  • Enjoy twisted stories
  • Want a moody read
  • Like character-driven stories

TitleFind Me (Inland Empire #1) | Author: Anne FrasierRating: 3/5

Find Me (Inland Empire #1) was an intriguing book with an unusual plotline. Reni’s father Benjamin Fisher used her as bait when she was a child to lure women in the woods where he’d murder them, then bury them in the desert. For years, investigators have been trying to find out when Benjamin buried his victims. So when, convicted and in jail for years, Benjamin offers to show where the burial sites are, investigators latch on to his offer. However, Benjamin has a stipulation – he wants to see Reni, who’s refused to visit him all these years. Reni reluctantly agrees, but things quickly go awry as Benjamin does something unexpected and Reni finds out her childhood was even more horrific than she realized.

Find Me (Inland Empire #1) has a bunch of twists, many I didn’t expect. A whirlwind story with a strong character-driven plot, the story gripped my attention as I tried to find out exactly what happened all those years ago.

The writing is solid, and Reni is a surprisingly empathetic character. She feels guilty for her part in her father’s murders, and she wants nothing to do with him. But even so, she still feels a pull to her father, the father who read her bedtime stories, who played games with her, who tucked her in at night.

Even thirty years after her father’s jailing, she still wonders exactly what happened all those years ago, and how she could have let them happen. Never mind she was barely eight years old, and never mind she interfered with one of the victims as her father was trying to murder the woman. It’s only because of Reni that the victim escaped and her father was caught. But what Reni doesn’t know is that her father didn’t work alone, and Reni’s life is in danger as she gets closer to the truth.

A thrilling read that leaves you quickly turning the pages, Find Me (Inland Empire #1) is a great mystery with a fantastic ending.

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