Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience

A wonderful introductory textbook on cognitive neuroscience. This textbook was used in one of my undergraduate neuroscience courses, and I find it as relevant today as I did in university.

The textbook is divided in sections like “The Literate Brain,” “The Numerate Brain,” “The Social Brain,” etc. and so organization is clear and easy to follow.

What I love is how concise and clear the chapters are. They’re all reasonable lengths, between 20-35 pages each, but everything is written in such an engaging and understandable way. It reads well and allows you to easily digest the information. Coupled with skilled illustrations, pertinent examples and real-world situations, as well as definition boxes, this is by far one of the best introductory neuroscience textbooks I’ve come across.

Every chapters is interesting and delves into an aspect of cognition. Everything is useful, and there is no superfluous or dry information. It’s oddly a “fun” textbook, visually and informationally.

If you’re looking for either an introduction to cognitive neuroscience or a refresher (like I was) on concepts, this is the textbook for you. It provides enough information to be useful, but does not overload on unimportant details that bog down the writing.

I can’t recommend this book enough.

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