Essentials of the Brain

How does the brain work? “Essentials of the Brain” will help you unlock the mysteries of the brain. You’ll learn how the brain communicates with each part of the body, how it affects your emotional life, why you dream, and how you remember things. And you’ll also get in-depth descriptions of brain disorders and how science and medicine are working to heal or reverse them. Written in plain English by an expert neuropsychologist, this ultimate user’s guide will help you learn about the most influential part of your body.

A great introduction to neuroscience and offers up a preview of different neuro topics to familiarize yourself with. I would say that sometimes, the authors uses terms without first defining them, and so without an understanding of neuroscience, it may be difficult to follow. But for the most part, topics are explained simply enough.

If you have a background in neuroscience, this is a decent enough refresher, though it hardly goes into the requisite details. If you don’t already have a background, you may find whatever details there are to be too much, depending on what you are looking for. All in all, this was a good refresher as I delve back into neuroscience more for the rest of the year and beyond.

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