Henrietta & Eleanor – A Retelling of Jekyll and Hyde

A dark, foreboding retelling of Jekyll and Hyde, this time following a woman scientist who’s figured out how to separate the good and bad sides of her nature into two separate people.


  • Enjoy twisted retellings
  • Want a moody read
  • Like gothic reads

TitleHenrietta & Eleanor | Author: Libby SpurrierRating: 3/5

Dr Jekyll, a charming doctor, explores the possibility of dividing the dark and light side of her personality, but in doing this she creates a monster, Eleanor Hyde. For many years she manages to live under the radar, keeping her dark secret unknown to those around her. However, gradually her evil side gains strength until Dr Jekyll is overwhelmed by Eleanor Hyde, to disastrous consequences. An exploration of human duality and forces of good and evil, this modern retelling is compelling and eerie and retains the disturbing nature of the original text.

A decent retelling of the original Jekyll and Hyde. It kept the disturbing and dark elements, which I liked, but didn’t go darker or more disturbed than I expected. I thought the book would take more of an original take to the story, rather than changing the time period and gender of the main character.

What I thought was great was the audio aspects of the story. An Audible Original, the story was read like an old radio drama, complete with sound effects, voice actor cast, and a realistic feel to the storytelling. I loved the background noise of the city, the sounds of the weapons and the people going on about their day. Without that, the story would have been dry, especially if I were reading it on paper rather than listening to it.

All in all, a decent listen and read on Audible, especially for only a few hours of your time.

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