Last Minute + Free Tickets

I recently learned about the Karam Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping Syrians displaced by the war.

Tomorrow, June 18, 7PM Central Time, they will be hosting a free World Refugee Day event.

Sign up and honor Syrian refugee communities and “celebrate the stories and experiences of Syrian refugees as we acknowledge our shared humanity across the globe.”1

From their site: “Join us for an evening of inspiration and innovation while we honor and celebrate the Syrian refugee communities we serve.

“…Syrian-American hip-hop artist and poet, Omar Offendum, will be the MC. He will be joined by award-winning artist and writer, Molly Crabapple as she creates art based on the music and stories we hear, Abboud Kayyali with a special performance on the oud, as well as CNN’s Hala Gorani, as she interviews Karam House students about their experiences, dreams, and aspirations.” 

10 percent of proceeds from this event will be donated to a local organization in Chicago working to empower black youth.

When: Thursday, June 18 at 7PM CST, 8 PM EST. SIGN UP HERE.


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