#YMERC2020 May Part 2

Ahlan wa sahlan!

Thank you for joining in with me in the Year of the Middle Eastern Reading Challenge (YMERC)!

As promised, I will begin each month with:

  • A book or two by a Middle Eastern author
  • A graphic novel by a Middle Eastern author and/or Middle Eastern illustrator
  • A new Arabic song to listen to throughout the month

At the end of each month, I’ll post:

  • My reviews on the books and graphic novels of the month
  • A Middle Eastern movie or TV show that I enjoyed that month

To recap this month:

The Arabic show of this month is: al-Hayba (الهيبة)

I wasn’t able to watch it this month, but the reviews have been good. It’s a Syrian-Lebanese drama that came out Ramadan 2017, and it now on Netflix. It’s about a fictional Lebanese village on the Lebanese-Syrian border, and follows a weapons-smuggling family.

Don’t forget to spread the word on WordPress, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #YMERC2020.

*The beautiful blog graphic is done by liv_does.

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