May Book Wrap-up

Click on the book titles below for a deeper review of each book.

Women of the Dunes

For fans of Outlander – you’ll love the time travel perspectives, the mystery, and the Scottish headlands.

Yes No Maybe So

The book was fine, and the characters’ stories were also fine, but there was something missing that kept me not fully immersed in the story. I think part of it was that it felt and sounded very teen, which I’m not connecting much with lately. There was also the political aspects that, though they angered me because I know anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim sentiments are real in today’s society, I felt they were thrown into the story to force a sociopolitical backdrop. Further, with Sophia’s “revelation,” it enforced the feel that topics were forced into the story, just to include more diversity. All in all, a decent contemporary YA book, with heavy topics that are easily digestible by YA readers.

The Morning they Came for Us

The Morning they Came for Us is one of those books you don’t read, but experience. If you’re human, you will feel, and you will feel deeply. I recommend setting aside time to both read and take breaks to reflect while reading, especially with the descriptions of torture and violence.

The 7(1/2) Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

A British murder mystery with a Downton Abbey feel – though with a decrepit manor with too many skeletons in the closet – it was worth the read. I never guessed the premise or the killer or the intention, and needed the book to reveal it to me.

Utopia 58

A decent read that features controlling leaders, mind control, and a society forced into poverty and pain.

The Gut

A great read for anyone interested in the enteric system. The author goes through the basics of the gut microbiome and how important it is to our lives. A fun and engaging voice, with great research, clearcut explanations, and unbiased opinion.

Remarkable Creatures

A perfect read for anyone who wants to appreciate woman’s footprint in history, is interested in paleontology and fossils, or just wants a damn good read, Remarkable Creatures is it. I can find no fault in the book. From the beautiful rendition of a period piece, to the conversations, the interweaving of history, to the friendship between Mary and Elizabeth, it’s a perfectly written novel.

Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Suzanne Collins strikes again with the fourth installment of the Hunger Games series. This one follows Cornelius Snow before he’s become President Snow, when he’s just 18 years old. A perfect companion to the series, and frankly, I want more Snow books.

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