5 Female International Music Artists With Arab Roots You Knew Little About

طين Times

By: Jana Shorbagy

We’re all familiar with every single international artist either female or male, were also familiar with some of the OG arab queens like, Asala, Myriam Fares, Elissa, and Nancy Ajram for example. However, there are some pretty cool young, originally arab, female music artists on the rise internationally, and while only parts of their songs are in arabic, their music is interdisciplinary and amazing to listen to. The whole euro-arab and/or us-arab fusion is out of this world, each artist on this list is worth a listen, for real.

1- Faouzia

Canadian-Moroccan (19 year old) singer and song writer – also rift queen, Faouzia. She was born in Casablanca but later moved with her family to Manitoba, Canada. She started out on YouTube pretty young, writing and performing her own songs before she got signed and went viral about 8 months ago via her Beyoncé rift and…

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