Don’t waste Quarantine

We’re in a unique time in history. I feel suspended in time, like I’m both part of it, and outside it. I feel like I have so much time to do so much, and it would be a shame to waste it.

I speak from privilege, I know, where I’m not concerned about job security and making ends meet. I’m not playing teacher, parent, caregiver, and more. I have the luxury of making the most of this “extra” time.

Circulating online are thoughts that it’s fine to let things slip a bit, that it’s fine to not hit your goals. I disagree. It’s not fine that we’re giving ourselves the permission to give ourselves slack. Again, I speak from privilege, but for those who are in similar positions, I encourage you to make the most of this quarantine time and work really hard towards goals you didn’t think you had time to do before.

Here are some ideas:

  1. apprendre une langue. Mango Languages has an ongoing list of languages to learn, and I recently found out that my local library has a subscription, which means it’s free for me to use. Your library might have the same, so it’s worth checking out.
  2. Write a book. This is a great time to sit down, map out a plot, and write! NaNaWriMo has a StayHomeWriMo you can participate in if you want to plug into an online writing community.
  3. Get in shape or stay in shape. Peloton has a 90-day free trial which gives you access to all their online classes. I’ve been loving the yoga classes, and only got into yoga now because of Peloton.
  4. Learn something new. Masterclass is offering a buy one annual membership, share one free. Learn from the likes of R.L. Stine, Natalie Portman, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Anna Wintour, and many more.
  5. Go frugal. This is a great time to sit down with your budget and see if you can tighten things. I follow Frugalwoods for ideas, advice, and recommendations. They also have a Coronavirus Pandemic section of their blog.
  6. Revamp your beauty rituals. If you wear makeup, straighten or style your hair, and generally apply products to your body – don’t! I’ve been wearing no makeup and have been focusing on only cleaning my skin and moisturizing. I’ve also not been washing my hair every day like I used to, to re-train my hair to need washing less frequently. Great way to save your hair and reduce environmental strain!
  7. Get outside! This is a great time to take midday walks and get some vitamin D. I’ve been sitting outside on my deck to do work to get a bit more sunshine than usual, and it’s been doing wonders for my mood.
  8. Start a garden. The weather’s warming up and now is a great time to start planting in pots. Get some vegetable, fruit, flower, or herb seeds and start! A great way to get back in touch with nature, slow down and enjoy some fresh air and sun, and maybe grow your own food this year! I bought these seeds and have already gotten sprouts!

Note: None of the links are affiliate links. I receive no commission from these brands.

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