Why I don’t buy books from Amazon

Great read from Margaret @ Weird Zeal. I’m going to order two books from my local bookstore today*.

*Edit: I ended up ordering three.

Weird Zeal

On this blog, I haven’t exactly made it a secret that I’m not Amazon’s biggest fan. I don’t buy books from there and I do my best to support other book retailers. Today, I’m going to talk in-depth about why I don’t buy books from Amazon and don’t plan on going back.

Before I get started, though, a disclaimer: this isn’t mean to be a callout or guilt-trip for anyone who does buy books from Amazon. I know that not everyone has access to other book sources, and I know that Amazon is often the most accessible option, both in terms of price and the fact that they can deliver right to your door. I simply want to shed some light on my own reasons for avoiding Amazon and maybe encourage you, if it’s within your means, to seek other options. Also, everything in this post is very US-centric, since…

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