The Wilder Girls

A dystopian female “Lord of the Flies” perfect for anyone looking for a quarantine book during COVID-10 quarantine.


  • Want a dystopian with female teenagers
  • Are looking for a book on being quarantined
  • Like books about being used for scientific experimentation by the government

TitleWilder Girls | Author: Rory Power Rating: 3/5

I was itching for a good dystopian, quanratine book and after hearing about Wilder Girls for a while, decided to try it.

It’s certainly a Lord of the Flies variation, where teenage girls sent to a boarding school, Raxter School for Girls, on an island are forced to quarantine after they fall ill to the Tox – a disease that uniquely targets each girl. Some end up with a scaled-over eye, others end up with clawed hands. Some don’t survive.

What the girls don’t know is the government that supposedly is trying to help them – by sending food, clothing, and other supplies – may not be as innocent as the girls think.

The storyline follows the typical government experimentation plot, producing teens that have superpowers – except the superpowers are dubious at best, and painful in the least.

Overall, I enjoyed Wilder Girls and thought it was a great YA dystopian. I did hope for a bit more than government running experiments on hapless teens, but the writing was good, the characters were likable enough, and there was a twist that I didn’t expect.

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