Book Review: The Secret History – Donna Tartt

Book Rating : 1 stars

This book is hideous.

The book meandered more than a river. It was pointless half the time, and I skimmed a bunch of pages once I got 3/4 of the way through, and then started skipping pages altogether because I couldn’t stand the writing. 

The book would have been better had the writing been tighter. 

I forced myself to finish this book because it was part of my GoodReads challenge for the year, but frankly, I would have probably gotten in 2-3 enjoyable books in the time it took me to force my way through this one. 

The characters are decent, though, come on, couldn’t they have had more personality than the cliches? Henry = reclusive genius, Francis = misunderstood gay guy, Charles = I don’t even know, Camilla = pretty girl interest, Bunny = moocher

I mean, sure, they have their respective roles, but they don’t even play those roles well. Half the time, I was left wondering why the characters did what they did. And Julian, he was supposed to be some cool, intelligent, something or other professor, but he fell flat for me. In fact, all the characters fell flat for me. 

Francis has a country house, Henry has tons of money, Bunny is a moocher. So many more things could have been done with these roles, and would have made a much better storyline. 

Even the murder–I get why they did it, but the whole story could have been so much more interesting if more depth was added. 

The story and the writing was flatter than a bottle of week-old soda. 

I shouldn’t have wasted my time reading it, and neither should you. 

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