Book Review: The Night Olivia Fell – Christina McDonald

Book Rating : 5 stars

I ended up crying while reading a thriller.

Abi is a single mother who gets a phone call at 4am – and she knows deep in her bones that it can’t be anything good.

She’s right – her only daughter Olivia has suffered permanent brain damage. But, there’s something else – and she must be kept on life support. Abi knows this was no accident and that someone hurt her child. She’s on a quest to find out who and why, and nothing, not even her frightening past, can stop her.

The writing is emotionally charged – I felt Olivia’s frustration with her mother and herself while she was alive and healthy. I felt Abi’s pain, and her frustration and fear for her daughter’s situation. I saw her grow, though, through the pain. She grew with herself, and with others, and though she lost her daughter, she gained, oddly, much more.

The Night Olivia Fell took me through a whodunit mystery, complete with believable characters, a standard, but page-turning plot, and an emotional ending. The story unraveled layers of lies, dredged up old truths, and laid to rest painful ones. I read this book in one sitting and was hooked from the start.

I was rooting for Abi the whole time, and you would, too.

Favorite quotes from The Night Olivia Fell:

“But there are no redos in life. You can’t go back and make things better. All you can do is live with it and move forward.”

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