Hocus Pocus Focus

I’ve been letting my MS sit now for more than a week, barely touching it except to think about some plot points for the sequel.

And it’s both easy and difficult.

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling the Siren’s call to open my MS file and begin re-editing. But, I’m also not feeling like working on the sequel. Rather, I want to work on an entirely new story, I want to feel the rush of beginning the words to a whole new world, new cast of characters, strange creatures. I want to build up a universe, all over again.

But I know that to finish the sequel means I have to focus on it. And focus on it I will.

I think that’s the issue with many creators–too many ideas, too much ADD, that it becomes difficult to not jump from one project to another. But, self-awareness does help to create a balance–knowing that you want to finish a sequel or a series must precipitate beginning an entirely new book series. Unless you’re the type that can go back to a series and continue it after working on other projects, it’s not a good idea, from my experience, to start on a new project.

I guess this is one of those things tantamount to feeling like you are being crushed under the weight of a thousand lives not lived—you have to choose one life and live it fully.

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